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You Are Bugs

You Are Bugs

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Featuring (this is a demo store):

  • Astrophysics with a Twist: Where the laws of physics are more like gentle suggestions.
  • Cosmic Culture Clash: Witness civilizations with social etiquette so complex, it makes a dinner party with your in-laws seem like a breeze.
  • Intergalactic Intrigue: Mystery so deep, not even a black hole could swallow it.

Disclaimer: No extraterrestrial beings were harmed (or understood, really) in the making of this product page. Viewer discretion advised: side effects might include existential questioning and a sudden interest in astrophysics.

So, buckle up your asteroid belts, fellow Earthlings and intergalactic visitors! Three-Body Problem isn't just a show; it's a one-way trip to the edge of imagination—return trip not guaranteed, but who would want to come back anyway?

WE ARE BUGS, but are not affiliated with Netflix :(, but if they're looking to explore the unknown, tell them to give us a buzz!

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          You Are Bugs