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Phantasm For Ciele Running Shoes - Unisex

Phantasm For Ciele Running Shoes - Unisex

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Push your pace.

The shoe that just wants to go fast. PHANTASM FOR CIELE is a running shoe born to propel you forwards. An ode to animal speed and inner pace, featuring Energy Blade for snappy toe-offs and strong propulsion, and Energy Surge foam for smooth and responsive transitions.

Features :
• Distinctive Design: A nod to the unspoken synergy between the unparalleled speed and pace of the world’s fastest land animal.
• Easy Propulsion: A tag team effort between Energy Blade and our light and springy Energy Surge foam delivers a super smooth, responsive run.
• Fast Transition: Our signature rocker geometry, R.Camber, ensures a quicker transition – so you spend less time on the ground, and more time moving forward.
• Energy Blade Running: Energy Blade is a built into the midsole to boost forward propulsion. The joined efforts of the blade, midsole foam and sole geometry make for a snappy, propulsive running machine.
• Energy Surge: Lightweight, responsive foam created by combining EVA and Olefin [OBC] to deliver long-lasting cushion and bouncy energy return.
• Reverse Camber: Inspired by Salomon's ski heritage, this curved midsole geometry helps you feel like you are floating over the ground.
• Weight (g): 235
• Drop (in mm): 9
• LACING SYSTEM: Regular laces
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